About us


Creenstone, founded in 1995, is a Dutch women’s fashion brand, specialized in Outerwear. From its early years, the brand fulfilled the need for quality and elegance that was lacking in the market at the time. The elegant, practical woman that was envisaged by the company appeared to actually exist.

Creenstone offers uniquely designed outerwear for women with a sophisticated contemporary style and confident feminine flair. It is important to us that our customers feel special and are proud to be wearing a Creenstone coat.

Thanks to Creenstone’s unparalleled experience in outerwear, the carefully crafted jackets and coats are not only alluring, but also extremely practical and durable. Since we have been using the best materials and techniques for years, the jackets are always flattering, comfortable and maintain their quality in all types of weather.


Creenstone coats are made for all weather types and user moments to ensure that you always look and feel your best. Each garment radiates its own personality, exuding femininity, boldness and luxury. A Creenstone jacket can be recognized in a heartbeat, fits every silhouette and compliments every woman’s figure.

Creenstone strives for a balance between sustainability, comfort and timeless beauty. For us, fit is a major priority. For years we have prided ourselves in designing outerwear to suit women with diverse body shapes and sizes.

We are steadfast in our belief that quality is a must. We meticulously choose the best fabrics and accessories with the latest technological advancements. By selecting high level fabrics, along with our carefully chosen designs and fit, a Creenstone coat becomes a second skin that will last for years.


At Creenstone it is our mission to celebrate real woman. Every Creenstone coat is made with love. They are fashionable, contemporary and allow for effortless co-ordination. Our coats are an extension of our customer’s identity.

Every Creenstone jacket is the result of years of experience and dedication to design and production. It is our aim that the every woman sees this reflected in the detailed design and perfect fit. We believe in keeping all the important processes in-house to maintain our high level of quality, originality and fit. In this way we maintain our innovative edge.